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Sandy Beach

Unlock your healing potential through sacred energy medicine.

Reiki & Bodywork Services by Melissa Harel

You are taking a BIG step forward.

You are probably here because you feel some kind of discomfort or disconnection. Maybe you're struggling with chronic pain, or maybe your life's been feeling a bit off balance lately. 

You might even be skeptical that this energy healing thing even works. I was too. But - if you're anything like I was - you're running out of options and open to new solutions.You've tried changing your diet and ramping up your exercise routines, you've tried Western medicine and daily meditation, but still you felt over-tired and underwhelmed. 

I'm here to tell you that you have the power to heal buried within you. I'm here to help you unearth that power so you can get back to feeling fully alive.


The key to restoring balance in your work, your relationships, and your health is already within your grasp. Let me help you unlock it.

"Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies."

Albert Einstein

Sacred Medicine Treatments

Discovery Session

Reiki Infused Massage

Reiki Energy Medicine

Private Reiki Classes for Individuals or Small Groups

Reiki Medicine

Reiki in the Office


Offering Reiki
Certification Courses!

Client Testimonials

“Melissa is a naturally gifted, intuitive healer. Her down to earth personality immediately makes you feel at home, and allows you to sink in deep to receive the benefits of reiki. I loved how she incorporated crystals to amplify the healing, and I felt so held, loved and supported. She goes way above and beyond to serve her clients.” 

Christine S., San Francisco 

"I recently had a distance Reiki session with Melissa. I had no expectations but focused on being open to a connection. I experienced a deep sense of well being. I felt I was being held and surrounded by love. This transitioned to feeling like I was a conduit of love. After the session, Melissa explained that she became aware of tension in my back and feet and worked to release it. I nearly always have cramps in my feet when I lay down, but I was free from them that night. I experienced both a physical and spiritual healing and look forward to more sessions with Melissa, especially during the pandemic." 

Denise P., Berkeley

"As an elderly male, I imagine I am not a typical Reiki client. I was somewhat skeptical before my first session, but the Reiki treatments I have received from her have been healing, relaxing, and energizing. Melissa is a caring, feeling practitioner, warm and open. I look forward to exploring some of the other treatments she offers."

JP, Berkeley

"My session with Melissa felt immediately calming and grounding. You feel safe with her and ready to hear any messages or visions during the session. I left feeling very connected, and powerful. She is a natural healer and you feel her authentic and intuitive energy. I would of course highly recommend a session with her."

Kristy D., Petaluma

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